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How To Wash Your Make-up Brushes Without Using Expensive Products

Have you ever taken a stroll down make-up lane to purchase a quality brush cleaner and wondered why your favorite companies sell pigmy-sized bottles of what should be considered liquid gold by that of a small nation?

As a die-hard make-up enthusiast and artist, it was hard for me to swallow the notion that anything could be better than my almighty brands. Budgetary concerns may not always be such a negative situation as they may spurn you into educating yourself and getting a bit more creative in your endeavors.

The most fervent of make-up groupies may scowl at my recipe for brush success and preservation however, in my defense, I have top quality brushes that have withstood 15 years of service. Take care of your brushes and they my darlings, will take care of you.

You will need 5 major things on this great quest:

  • A decent sized container (I use glass as I do not want chemicals from a synthetic material leeching on to the brushes)

  • An old clean hand towel (a towel that is not guest room worthy as it make incur stains from the battle)

  • 99% Alcohol ( Usually purchased at pharmacy behind counter. See note below)

  • Ivory dish liquid

  • Warm water


Fill container with a decent amount of alcohol. Dip brush in alcohol. Make sure to not go past the ferrule (Metal fastener which joins the handle and hair filaments together). Dip brush a few times and strain excess alcohol by pressing brush gently against side of container. Wipe brush gently on hand towel in a horizontal movement going with the direction of the filaments carefully ensuring not to misshape brush by stippling or any other movement against the brush’s natural filament placement.

At this point after your first step, depending on the amount of make-up in the brush, you may need to dump the alcohol solution, especially if it is a foundation brush. A golden rule, if the water looks like mud or you cant see through it, dump it. If you are opting to dump the soiled solution, rinse container with warm water and repeat the first steps again. Repeat this process until the brush bleeds clear alcohol with no make-up residue on the towel. Gently squeeze brush, reshape to original shape, and let dry. Brush should dry and evaporate all alcohol in the matter of a minute or so due to it’s excessively high alcohol content.

This step most consider to be optional. I however, have had great success with it and my brushes have lasted longer than most car’s lives. This step applies mostly to brushes that are soiled by thick and/or creamy make-ups such as lipstick, foundations or concealers. Give it a try.

Take same sized clean container, a couple of small squeezes of Ivory dish liquid and some warm water. Repeat steps above ensuring not to go past the ferrule. Blot brush as in steps above and rinse until water runs clear, blot gently with towel and leave to dry. If there is still sticky residue on the brush, take a small squirt of liquid and massage brush gently going with direction of filaments. Rinse. Blot and dry.

It is worthy to NOTE, that the purchase of 99% alcohol may be difficult to purchase in a drug store. Although I have never had a problem, there are several other places you may purchase 99% alcohol. These include:


Professional Cosmetic Supply Stores

Electronics Suppliers/Radio Shack

Hardware/ Cleaning Supply Stores

Medical Supply Stores

Happy application loveys!

~ Jennaca Cook

Oil Cleansing

So what most of you will shortly come to know of me, is that I’m a tad eccentric. Probably the left-handed Aquarian freak in me. Maybe I was burnt at the stake in a past life for being an alchemist or something outlandish like that. I do joke rather frequently, however part of this is actually very true.

I do believe in natural remedies, and most certainly the benefits we can extract from old mother nature, barring the pesticides and all of the chemical nastiness that is currently available in today’s modern marketplace.

While I do tend to agree that what mostly exists today is “bad” for us, I do not agree in the fear that circulates from such thoughts. You see people talk about these issues, yet where is the action involved in making things right?

There are some things that we can do in our daily lives to turn things around for our health and wellbeing by reconstructing the framework of our attitudes towards a more “natural” state of mind. You may be surprised to know there are many natural cures and applications for our daily needs. One of these applications is in the world of beauty and aesthetics.

Now, while I realize I just gave you a huge speech and you most likely thought we were traveling to visit Al Gore in Hollywood, we are going to make today’s class trip to “Jenna’s Emporium O’ Beauty.”

While most of you do not know my age, and no, I’m not going to divulge it, so don’t even attempt to coax it out of me, I will tell you I will fight age to the death. I am determined to be the absolute victor. Yes, I will visit the medspa. I am definitely not condemning you to a life of incense and “Kumbaya” here, however, there are several ways to incorporate a more healthy beauty regimen while also pleasing the purse strings. Now, I know what you are thinking, when we start think about our beauty or fashion and incorporating the concepts of a budget, all of the sudden, we start thinking we will never receive the quality or results that a brand supplies, never in a million years. Well sometimes nature is a better source of our needs than Lancome or the laboratory. Our skin is our largest organ and it needs nourishment. Keep an open mind and try it on for size. If we attempt to venture outside of the box and think a little differently, we may be pleasantly surprised.

One of the things I’ve been doing lately (yes, I’m my own 5’1.5” Guinea Pig) is doing a facial oil cleanse. Most people may feel the desire to run away screaming and head for the hills at this bizarre concept, but actually in the eyes of science, it is not bizarre at all. One of the basics in chemistry, is that oil actually dissolves oil. While commercial cleansers actually strip our skin of essential oils leaving us with a horrendous cycle of the skin attempting to repair, then pumping out an oil slick to moderate itself, oil will actually dissolve oil and leave your skin with its natural barrier intact.

As a person who is acutely anal about my beauty routine, this one was a hard pill for me to swallow for fear of breakouts or something going completely and utterly awry. To my pleasant surprise, no breakouts, just supple skin like a baby’s butt and more money in my purse. Here’s the recipe if you care to try! Feel free to experiment with different and essential oils in combination.

Oily Skin: 70% Olive/Sunflower Oil to 30% Castor Oil

Normal Skin: 80% Olive/Sunflower Oil to 20% Castor Oil

Dry Skin: 90% Olive/Sunflower Oil to 10% Castor Oil

Directions: Apply quarter size oil mixture to face (Do not worry about make-up. It will be removed better than any make-up remover). Massage face for about two minutes. Apply a clean wet hot washcloth to face and lay down for a few minutes. Wipe off. You may repeat the hot towel again if desired. The hot towel will steam the pores and oil will draw excess oil and impurities. I do this routine every few days and my skin is amazing. I do not do it daily because Castor oil can be drying if used too frequently. I have also added Almond Oil due to having dry skin. Try adding and experimenting with your own combinations. Good luck!

~ Jennaca Cook


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I know that the best I’ve ever felt is when I am expressing exactly who I am. Sometimes…hmmm… well most of the time, those expressions of “me” buck the norms of society…. Indubitably….Nonetheless, we at Blonde Science Babes are overwhelmingly ecstatic to bring to you what we think women want to know, but sometimes are afraid to ask, with a seasoning of personality and a dash of attitude. Move over Martha, Oprah, and Tyra, we are falling into a coma of monotony.

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